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17AM Series Thermal Protector


Detailed Product Description

1.License: UL, CQC, VDE.
2.Model NO.: 17AM thermal protector

   (1)Appearance-Dimension is complied with the draw.
   (2)Leads-UL3321 or AWG#18 copper core leads, black color, tinned.
   (3)Case-The steel material used for case is plated with alloy of nickel and zinc.
   (4)Sleeve material-Insulated sleeve is complied with electric appliance's requirement.

   (1)Rating current-16A/AC 125V; 8A/AC 250V
   (2)Open temperature-under the given temperature range (50~165) with tolerance of 5
   (3)Pull trial-Terminals should endure more than 50N. And, terminals should be no loose and leads have no rupture and slipping.

   The protector can acts 1000 under external power in the condition of rating voltage, current and 0.7 power and the followings:
   (1) The change of opening temperature should be within 7 of the initial value.
   (2) Contact resistance should be less than 100m .

   (1) UL File NO.-E336724
   (2) CQC File NO.-CQC10002047163
   (3) VDE File NO.-40030600

   (2)electric and thermal appliances
   (3)lamp ballasts
   (5)automotive motors
   (6)integrated circuit and common electric equipment

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